For some products the instillation needs to take place at one of our Midland depots. On talking to a memeber of staff when making your booking, they can advise you if a depot or mobile instillation is available


Please see the locations in the header bar at the top of this page for our depot addresses and contact numbers


We usually cannot give exact times the work can be started unless it is booked in as a first job of the day. This is due to some jobs taking longer then usual or customers arriving late which then puts us behind. We try to give a morning or afternoon fitting slot and we can call you when the work has been completed. You are welcome to wait in our waiting area if you wish 

MobileFitting Service

Where possible we try to provide a mobile fitting service depending on the type of product you require


We cover all of the Midlands and sometimes beyond this


For Fleet work we can cover most of the UK depending on quantaties and type of work. On occessions we may use a subcontractor for out of the Midlands area work, however we do try to cover the work ourselves as much as possible. For any subcontracted work, we would be your point of contact and all payments and bookings would be dealt with us. Over the years we have built up a very good relationship with many subcontractors and we only use reliable and proffessional companies


For Windscreen replacements the weather is a big factor as most moden cars have bonded Windscreens. This means we need a dry day or under cover so that your vehicle does not get wet and that the bond can set which usually takes between 1 to 2 hours before the vehicle can be driven. You are welcome to drive your vehicle to one of our depots via a pre booking. We can directly bill most insurance companies so you just pay us the excess


Vans we can usually offer a mobile service on Towbars but for cars are required at our depot only unless you are a dealer or garage with a ramp we can use. This is for saftey reasons and also less likley a bumper will be dameged as we usually need to remove the rear bumper and when at our depot the vehicle will be lifted off the floor on our ramps, we can then torque the fixing bolts correctley  


For Scotland we would need to use a subcontractor and is usually a difficult area for us to cover depending on your exact location 


Please talk to a memebr of staff who can advise you if a mobile service is availabe to you