Seats With Built-In Seat Belts

These seat types are ideal for Large to Extra Large vans that have a larger side door opening such as the Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter etc 


With the seat options that have built-in seat belts there is more flexibility where we can position and mount these seats which will give you as much rear load space as possible and have just the right amount of leg room for passengers 


With other seating options that have seperate seat belts you would lose load space in the rear and have more leg room than is usually required 


We recommend the M1 seats which are listed below and we will issue you with a certificate/letter of conformity when the instillation is completed

Single High Back Crew Seats on Fixed Legs 


Available as a single seat or we can position more next to each other to make a seating option for 2 or 3 passengers


  • Fixed legs or a removable option

  • High back seat

  • Built-in seat belt

  • Comes in standard gey fabric


  • Optional extras listed below             Must be stated at time of order, they cannot be added after they have been made

  • Matching Trim may be available 

  • Armrests

  • ISO fix fitting



Ford Transit Custom Seats

Single customer seat photo 1 set of

Our Best Quality seating option are the Ford seats which are far superior to any other seats that we keep in stock, 2+1 seats


  • Tilt

  • Fold Forward

  • Removable on a quick release bracket

  • Built-in seat belts

  • 2 Outer armrests  that can move up or down

  • Strengthend floor plate with flush mounted fixing bracket

  • Adjustable headrests

  • M1 Rated

For 2 x extra rows of seats making a total of 6 seats click HERE 

Choice of fitting options for Ford seats 

Square Mounting Base


Rasised square mounting base for the seat brackets.

The base is secured to the ply floor (ply or single layer of Wizadeck floor optional extra, state if required).


When the seats are removed the square base will remain fixed to the floor, only the seats are removable 

Raised Floor To Make One Level


Raised Wizadeck non slip floor for the whole of the rear floor section.


The seat mounting brackets are sunken into the floor to make the floor one level


The side step is covered in where possible to make a neat finish (depending on vehilce type)

Ford Transit Custom Seat examples with the raised floor option - click an image for a larger view


Single High Back Crew Seat Example 

Crew seat & optinal shapped bulkhead example for larger vans with a larger side load door


The single fixed leg crew seat with integral seat belts or the Ford Transit Custom Seats are ideal for larger van types, this is because you can position the seats more forward to the back of the front seats. This is because they have built in seat belts so we do not have to mount the seat belt anchor points to the vehicles body which is usually behind the side load door.


We can also make a shaped wooden bulkhead to maximise load space in the rear and making it safe for passengers in the front, optional extra POA

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